Enterpr. Res. Plan. (ERP)
Application Development


Today's Information Technology manager is under ever-increasing pressure to deliver results – in the form of applications that drive improvements to the bottom line – even while IT budgets are being significantly slashed. Meanwhile, despite the fall of the internet economy business environments continue to change at a rapid pace leaving many IT shops struggling to keep up with the pace of change. These changes have led to an increased interest in Agile Outsourcing methodologies with the promise of rapid delivery and flexibility while maintaining quality and cost control.

Keeping up with technology advancements can be a daunting task, and not keeping up with business demands gives the competition a foothold. Many organizations are turning to the transformational benefits of IT outsourcing to increase the overall value of IT delivery, and allow them to remain competitive by focusing on their core business. Enterprises utilize the benefits of outsourced development and support, where IT assets are managed as a source of corporate investment rather than a cost center. With successful outsourcing, the company reduces exposure to risk, while converting fixed infrastructure costs to variable operating costs, realizing a significant cost reduction and return on IT investment.

B & B Systems enables the organization to keep pace with rapid technological advances, and provides a platform for new business strategies and value creation through Selective Sourcing. B & B Systems provide a highly flexible onsite-offsite-offshore delivery model to align with our client‘s goals and objectives. The outsourcing journey begins by asking the right questions, becoming intimately familiar with our client's business needs and culture, and the journey never ends - it simply evolves. With B & B Systems Outsourcing organizations remain fiercely competitive and forward leaning while not getting bogged down in cumbersome IT challenges.



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